DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Montgomery County is continuing to provide support to residents through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The county recently approved $1 million to Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM).

According to Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice, $1 million will be given to GDPM to help residents with past due rent as a part of the American Rescue Plan Act.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been helping residents with housing and rental assistance since 2021 as many people were impacted by the pandemic.

The money will be given to people struggling to make rent and have past-due payments through GDPM, which distributes targeted assistance to over 2,700 housing units. GDPM will allocate money to those with the most past due first.

“The County’s assistance will provide housing stability to those who are the least equipped to recover from an eviction due to non-payment of rent,” said Jennifer N. Heapy, CEO of GDPM.

The rental assistance is not only beneficial for renters, but landlords as well. Rice said the rental assistance takes the pressure off of the landlords.

“It’s good for landlords as well to have the same set of renters in there,” said Rice.

Rice spoke about how rental assistance impacts families not only financially but also mentally.

“We don’t want to see families in homeless shelters,” said Rice. “Not only is (the money) good for their housing situation but also their mental health, the stability of those children to have the security of having a home. Quality of life is almost beyond measure.”

Although total numbers won’t be available until the money is distributed, the money is expected to help approximately 400 families according to GDPM. Money is estimated to be allocated by the end of 2022.

“It’s making a big difference in our community,” said Rice. “If you have never experienced homelessness you don’t understand the impact — the trauma that is on not only individuals but families.”