WEST MILTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Parents in the Milton-Union Exempted Village School District showed up to the school grounds to protest on Monday morning, frustrated with the district’s handling of alleged sexual abuse.

Former Milton Union janitor Jerry North is accused of inappropriately touching a minor and the allegations have parents wanting answers and accountability.

In a lawsuit filed, the child’s family claims North had targeted their child for two years. They claim they reported several incidents to the district’s superintendent, Dr. Brad Ritchey, however, the lawsuit alleges that Ritchey did not investigate or discipline North.

One concerned parent, Brean Dunaway said, “We send out kids to school to learn and we hope that they’re protected at the school, not to get molested or harassed or bullied or intimidated. So we need answers and we want Ritchey out. He needs to go.”

The school board went into an emergency executive session on Monday night, but afterward, they declined to comment.

“How can we trust them with our children at this point? I mean, we can’t even get them to talk to us. How can we trust them?” said another concerned parent, Annette McGuffie.

The district has since released the following statement in response:

The Milton-Union Exempted Village School District is committed to the safety and best interests of every one of its students.  We take that responsibility seriously, as we always have.  All students should feel safe in our buildings every day, and we work hard to make sure that happens. Be assured that we are working with the authorities to ensure that every child feels safe coming to school and being in school.

Milton-Union Exempted Village School District