WEST MILTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Last week, concerned parents and community members of the Milton-Union School District were frustrated with the lack of answers and not being able to voice their opinions.

Former Milton-Union Janitor Jerry North is accused of rape and inappropriately touching a minor. The allegations have parents wanting both accountability and answers.

In a lawsuit filed, the child’s family claims North had targeted their child for two years and they allegedly reported several incidents to the Superintendent Dr. Brad Ritchey. The parents claim Dr. Ritchey did not investigate or even discipline North. 

Concerned parents and others are questioning the lack of response from the time the allegations surfaced till North was arrested.  

Protests recently occurred, where people wanted the district to be more transparent for what happened. During long executive sessions, several people waited to show board members and the superintendent how upset they were.  

Jessica Lang, a mother of students at the school, wants to see people put on paid leave while the investigation is ongoing. 

“Until it’s proven, if they’re innocent or if they’re guilty,” said Lang. “I mean, obviously, if they’re guilty, they don’t need to come back to our school. We’d all need teachers that bad.”

Due to the large crowds at last week’s meeting, Monday’s regular board meeting will be in a larger room to accommodate the number of people expected to attend.