MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WDTN) ­– The Middletown Teachers Association is announcing the filing of an Unfair Labor Practice Charge against the Board of Education on Monday, November 15.

According to a release by the MTA, management styles and mandates are reducing the time educators have to plan for student learning.

Lane added, “While there is a definite pattern of disrespect and condescension, the issue that gave rise to the Unfair Labor Practice Charge is a top-down mandate of so-called micro-credentials. These “online tasks” take away precious time that educators need to plan lessons, contact parents, score assessments, and most importantly prepare their classroom to meet the needs of Middletown’s diverse community of learners.”

 A meeting was held with the Middletown Board of Education Monday night at 6.

According to a release, the Middletown BOE failed to settle contract negotiations, even after months had passed.

“MTA has been negotiating with the Board of Education for months and no resolution is in sight. A whole host of issues remain unresolved…yet again…due to the lack of professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by district administration and the Board of Education,” said Lane. “Our students deserve supported career-minded educators who can in turn support them…meet them where they are…in positive, welcoming environments. That can only occur when this Board and administration demonstrates that they value the educators of this community.

“ The Middletown City School District Board of Education must negotiate a fair contract now before more damage is done to this community.”