DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Michigan State University shooting has left the whole country in shock. Alumni of the university are stunned that a situation like this could happen at their school.

The alum with local ties that we spoke with says that his heart, like many others, is broken after yet another mass shooting, something that has become all too common.

“This is not the first time it’s happened, and I hate to say it, but it might not be the last time that it happens,” RJ Williamson, MSU 2015 graduate told us. Williamson also is a graduate of Dayton Dunbar High School.

Williamson played football for the university and he and his fellow former players were deeply shocked that something like this could take place at his beloved alma mater.

“It’s just crazy knowing that something like that happened at our school where we graduated from. When you are living in college, you pretty much feel like you’re in a bubble almost, you’re a part of the world but it dont really feel like that. you know your campus is its own city, you know.. you feel like once you in that bubble, you are safe, you not even worried about nothin like that,” Williamson said. 

Williamson lives minutes from university, and he and his wife– who is also a graduate, could not sleep until they knew that the suspect had been apprehended.

Three students total died in this shooting, and several others are in critical condition.

Williamson echoing what many are feeling– that while this is a very difficult situation, he hopes they can get through this situation as a family.

“To the whole spartan community, I just send my prayers off to them and hope that they get into a better place, and overcome it all, and as long as we stay together, I think that we can do that but– I think that day will be remembered forever,” he told us.