DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A Miami Valley Reds super-fan celebrated Opening Day with a tribute to his late father in his own backyard.

“The ambience of being at a ball game is second to none,” says Mike Cosculluela.

A trip to Mike Cosculluela’s backyard is like a trip to a Reds ballgame.

“Everything I’ve done is Reds-related, and I think it kind of speaks for itself when you look at it,” says Mike. “I’m a huge Reds fan. Grew up as a Reds fan.”

He’s decked out his backyard with Reds memorabilia.

“Didn’t happen overnight,” admits Mike. “When I started building this, I had no idea it was going to be my baseball field.”

It started first with a scoreboard he built around his TV, and it grew from there.

“It has evolved into an area to watch a ball game, to spend time with family and friends, and more importantly, to honor my father,” says Mike. “There were times when I was young that the only time me and my dad ever talked was about baseball.”

His father immigrated from Spain. Baseball was a common language between the two.

“There were times we would be at the ball field when we were in little league–to hear my dad cheer us from the stands was special,” tears up Mike.

His backyard pays homage to his dad and to America’s favorite pastime.

“When I come out here, my dad’s with me,” says Mike.

As he cheers on the Reds for the season in his backyard, he’s reminded of the bond of baseball between a father and son and the times he and his dad shared.

“He would love it,” smiles Mike.