CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Supply chain disruptions are causing shortages of common prescription drugs and some pharmacies in the Miami Valley are working to make sure patients will have the medications they need.

The FDA has named 112 drug shortages, including many common medications.

Cedar Care Village Pharmacy in Cedarville is working to stay ahead of the issue, and currently is not facing any shortages.

Director of pharmacy Justin Coby said there’s multiple avenues in place so their patients shouldn’t have to worry about not getting a medication they need.

“We have options before someone is entirely without a medication,” Coby said.

Coby said the pharmacy works with wholesalers to keep on top of their inventory.

“We get alerted, we get told that this is coming your way, get prepared, and that’s a moment for us to stockpile a little bit,” Coby said.

Coby said if stock of a medication does run out, there’s often a similar alternate that can be prescribed.

“In our industry, there’s often many drug classes that have something comparable, and we will just move right on over to that,” Coby said.

KMG Pharmacy in Trotwood pharmacy manager and owner Mahmoud Shaltaf said the pharmacy is also well-stocked on what patients need, but that’s not the case everywhere.

“Maybe it might be affecting other pharmacies, and I think it is because we’re getting phone calls from patients that are looking for certain things that they cannot find anywhere else,” Shaltaf said.

These independent pharmacies said they often have more flexibility to work with more wholesalers, and may be more likely to have what patients need in stock.

“If they cannot find something, just call around, and somebody, hopefully will have it for them,” Shaltaf said. “Check with smaller, local pharmacies, sometimes probably that’s their best bet.”

Coby said the worst thing to do now is resort to panic buying, which causes more problems in the long-run.

“Sit tight, don’t panic, and let the industry work it out,” Coby said.