SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – The nationwide nursing shortage happening in the health care industry is affecting nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Miami Valley.

Staff at Springfield Masonic Community said the past few months have been about adapting to balance the staffing shortage they’re facing while maintaining the same level of care.

Diana Eberts-Wilson, director of nursing, said during the pandemic their jobs became more important than ever.

“We’ve become their family,” Eberts-Wilson said. “There was a time when they didn’t have any visitors and weren’t able to have anyone come see them and we became that for them. We were here for them in that time of need.”

The pandemic is also making finding enough workers a challenge. Now Springfield Masonic is looking to hire not just nurses, but positions all across the campus.

“We’re looking for staff in many different departments, whether it be housekeeping, laundry, dietary, to nursing, and even in grounds,” Springfield Masonic Community president and administrator Tony Berardi said.

Springfield Masonic isn’t alone, according to AARP, one third of nursing homes across the country are reporting a shortage of nurses or aides.

The lack of staff is affecting how these facilities can operate, they’ve had to adapt in order to give the residents what need.

“We’ve had to limit admissions across the campus in certain areas to make sure that we have enough staff to deliver the quality of care we’re accustomed to and making sure we don’t lose any part of our integrity,” Berardi said.

To attract job candidates Springfield Masonic is offering incentives, like sign-on bonuses for many positions, they’ve raised wages and they offer to pay $5,000 in tuition assistance a year.

Eberts-Wilson said working in a nursing home also brings along reward of making a difference in their residents” lives.

“It gives me the opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do, I wanted to care for people,” Eberts-Wilson said. “Being able to hire in people that have that same desire, it gives me piece of mind that these residents that we love and care for every day are going to get the best care possible.”

If interested in finding out more about the open positions at Springfield Masonic Community, click here.