DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Law enforcement agencies from across the Miami Valley have began speaking out after graphic footage was released by the Memphis Police Department showing the arrest of Tyre Nichols.

Nichols was reportedly pulled over by Memphis Police for a traffic stop on Saturday, Jan. 7 and died 3-days later.

Wearing the uniform I wear comes with lots of responsibilities. Over the 31 plus years, I have seen ugly and vile behavior resulting in suffering of victims. It is beyond my understanding and comprehension that someone in my profession could be responsible for such vile and ugly behavior. Tragically, that is what I saw last night as Mr. Nichols was so inhumanely and brutally attacked, ultimately paying the price with his life. These men should be held accountable for their actions, but nothing will bring back a grieving mother’s son. 

We, in the profession, must remain vigilant and take a stand that any behavior that deviates from not valuing sanctity of life is not acceptable. We do not have a choice. We must serve all, we must protect all. Our communities expect and deserve the very best of us and we must deliver on that very oath of office to faithfully protect the rights of every citizen we encounter.

Dayton Police Chief Kamran Afzal

Body-worn-camera and additional video footage has now been released by the Memphis, TN Police displaying the brutal, and ultimately fatal, beating of Mr. Tyre Nichols. The death of Mr. Nichols at the hands of police officers is horrific and indefensible. This senseless death and the officers who failed to intervene leave all of us, who wear our badge with pride, with indescribable feelings of disgust and anger.

I, and those under my charge, will remain committed to protect and defend the safety of those we took an oath for. Tens of thousands of officers across the nation and in uniforms of all colors, risk their lives and personally sacrifice every day to uphold that oath. The former officers depicted in the video clearly acted outside of our professional boundaries and are a disgrace to law enforcement. These despicable actions are not a representation of the overwhelming majority of law enforcement contacts that occur daily, but of a small group of rogue people acting independently under the cloak of law enforcement.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protecting the citizens of this community and their rights as provided by the U.S. and Indiana Constitutions. I stand behind the decision made by Memphis, Tennessee Police Department to ultimately terminate those officers who were then, and justifiably, criminal charged. It is now time for the criminal justice system to take its course.

I share my condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Tyre Nichols. I stand in solidarity with those working diligently for a positive change. As President of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, and as your Sheriff, I am committed to do more. I am committed to represent our community and work together to preserve life and to build a future that ensures respect, safety, and justice for all. A future that is absent of any tragedy like this.

Wayne County, Ind. Sheriff Randy Retter

The events in Memphis TN on January 7th, 2023 which led to the death of Tyre’ Nichols at the hands of police officers, is seen by all officers of the Richmond Police Department, as absolutely unacceptable and repulsive. The actions of these officers are viewed as illegal and perpetrated by officers that did not have this citizen’s safety in mind (or any other core value). We, as a department, do not support these officers in Memphis who betrayed the public trust, in any way, shape or form.

The Richmond Police Department holds its officers to a higher standard and as part of its mission, to ensure citizen safety. The actions of these five officers in Memphis do not reflect the professionalism that the Richmond Police Department strives to adhere to and is not indicative of our chosen profession as well as the thousands of professional, well trained law enforcement officers across our great nation who do a great job and are dedicated to protecting and serving their communities with their core values, respect for their citizens and their duty in mind to guide their conduct.

May the spirit of unity in our community comfort us all as we navigate through, yet another test of our communities’ strength. Join us in trusting that justice will be done! I commend the courage of their Police Chief and Criminal Court system in acting swiftly to eradicate this threat from their community.

Chief of Police Michael Britt, Richmond Ind. Police Department