DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Miami Valley Human Trafficking Task Force is working to combat the persistent issue nationally and also right here in The Miami Valley.

“We now will have our drug task force, our bulk currency task force, and now the human trafficking task force will work with those groups so when one comes across something the other group handles they can just move it to that,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck.

The Force consists of many helping hands. “The Montgomery County Sheriffs Office, The Butler Township Police Department, Miami Township Police Department, Home Land Security Investigations is our federal partner, and then we have social services involved,” said Sheriff Streck.

Oasis House in Dayton works as a haven for female trafficking survivors, and Chief Operating Officer Tonya Folks says traffickers mostly only want one thing, money.

“They filter every decision through two criteria, high profit low risk,” said Folks.

Folks said most of the victims of trafficking are young and female, and their abuser and trafficker is often someone they know.

“Predators for child trafficking are mom, dad, mom’s partner or stepdad, and uncle,” said Folks.

Sheriff Streck said while he’s pleased with the work the taskforce has done in such a short amount of time, he’s excited to see further progress.

“With this…we’ll have individuals who simply target and can deal with the courts, deal with prosecutors, to try and get individuals help,” said Sheriff Streck.

For more human trafficking resources and crisis hotlines click here.