DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– In light of the Astroworld Festival and Waukesha Christmas Parade disasters, local trauma experts say that communities can help by knowing safety measures at future large event gatherings. However, different gathering environments can mean a new plan for families to stay safe.

“An effective response and best outcome is when you do have the team in place,” said Premier Health EMS Center of Excellence Medical Director Dr. Randy Marriott.

When large amounts of victims who are in need of immediate treatment flood emergency rooms similar to the Oregon District Shooting, Astroworld Festival and now Waukesha Parade, local trauma experts say teamwork and solid pre-determined plans are vital to successfully aiding in mass trauma events. 

In large, dense gatherings, Dr. Marriott advises people to do research on the event beforehand and if the risks are too high, then simply don’t go. Stay away from solid barriers to prevent being crushed and if the crowd starts to move, then move with it to prevent causing waves within the crowd. However in large, outdoor gatherings that allow space, Dr. Marriott advises people to know your surroundings and exit areas. Also, find those barriers in situations that will help prevent barriers in case of an accident. Finally, families should have a plan to meet at a specific location in case you are separated from each other.

“There’s always a possibility of something that happened like yesterday and I think once you’re on site, you can start making notes of your own surroundings and exercise situational awareness,” said Dr. Marriott.

This weekend marks Downtown Dayton Partnership’s 49th annual Grande Illumination and is expected to bring in 25,000 to 30,000 people. Representatives say as of Monday night, no new safety precautions have been discussed in the wake of the Waukesha Christmas Parade disaster, but there will be heavy police presence on every street corner.

“They are reviewing their protocol on plans to see if there is anything else but I’ve been doing this event for a very long time and I just know the attention to detail that the police do,” said Downtown Dayton Partnership President Sandy Gudorf.

The Grande Illumination is a two-day event starting this Friday, for more information click here.