DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Several groups from the Miami Valley have answered the call to assist with recovery from Idalia.

Ohio Task Force 1 and Greenville-based Spirit EMS both sent crews to storm-affected areas.

Idalia, which is now a tropical storm, left thousands of people without power and several areas under water. That’s where local first responders come in.

“We will be here until we’re sure there’s no need for us in this area,” Jim O’Connor, Ohio Task Force 1 leader, said.

Ohio Task Force 1 is undergoing several different review trainings such as water safety, use of a three sixty camera and hands-on data storage. The data storage allows teams to record and share the results of their search efforts in real time.

“We’re working on just in time training It’s reviewing some of the things that we’re familiar with that we work with. So, we had out some of our search cameras, and we were working with was a lot of what we do is wide area search in these types of events.”

Greenville-based Spirit EMS sent five ambulances and 14 crew members along with medical supplies to respond in Florida. Now, the teams are ready for whatever the next step may be.

“I think they’re just waiting to respond if there is a need,” Brian Hathaway, president and CEO of Spirit EMS, said. “Part of the plan is, as always, to be prepared, being proactive rather than reactive. So, resources are in place in the event that anyone there needs any assistance, that the necessary resources are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.”

Hathaway said it’s an honor to be able to help out not only in the Miami Valley but around the nation in events like this.

“We’ve been doing this since 2019. We continue our service to our communities throughout western Ohio and eastern Indiana, where we’re servicing, but it’s also an honor for our people to be able to go out and help others in need to.”