DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Gas prices across Ohio hit a record-high Tuesday, according to AAA. Prices across the Miami Valley are soaring over the $4 mark.

With gas prices the highest they’ve ever been, people are feeling the impact on wallets.

“I dreaded going to the pump,” Brian Patterson from Dayton said. “$100 is what it takes to for me to fill up my car, not a truck, not a SUV, not a spaceship, a car.”

The average price of gas in Ohio Tuesday, according to AAA, is $4.17, and while prices might seem high for Ohioans, travelers said this is the lowest price they’ve seen all day.

“For me this is cheap, there’s nothing under five bucks in Chicago,” Tarell Adams from Chicago said. “I just might as well top it off while I’m here”

Record-high prices aren’t surprising to Wright State International Business Professor Riad Ajami said.

“Oil prices are going to go up simply because there’s a number of issues that we have not been able to resolve,” Ajami said.

Ajami said the war between Russia and Ukraine causing 8 million barrels of oil to be removed from the market a day, the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, and summer gasoline price hikes are all leading to paying more at the pump.

“With no additional production and demand steady and going up, you and I will discover that oil prices between now and the next two to three months, at least, will be steady and up,” Ajami said.

Ajami said it will take an increase in production and actions from politicians and oil company leaders to begin seeing a drop.

Until then, drivers will do whatever it takes to get from point A to point B.

“For me it’s just making it hard to just even live,” Patterson said. “Gotta pay bills, gas is turning into a bill, it’s rough now, it’s just terrible.”

Ajami said releasing from reserves would be a temporary solution for prices. However, he said any long-term solutions could take until at least winter before we’d start seeing some relief.