DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Coronavirus cases are once again beginning to spike across the Miami Valley, even though some community members say they’re adjusting to living in a world with COVID-19.

Miami Valley resident Jeff Seidel said, like most people across the US, he was nervous when news of the pandemic first broke. 

“Towards the beginning it was very concerning because we didn’t really know much about it. Just [knew] that it can cause death. And so [we were] definitely doing a lot of social distancing, staying home more.”

With businesses bringing employees back to work and people growing fatigued of social distancing, some community members felt they couldn’t continue to uphold the strict health guidelines for so long.

“I sanitize my hands a lot, Seidel said. I don’t touch doorknobs, definitely wear my mask when I’m inside public places. But I’m more relaxed with it now.”

Cynthia Kline, a Miami Valley resident in her 70s, said as time went on, she even became comfortable going back to work. 

“You learn to deal with things and adjust,” she said. I feel much more confident now. I mean, it’s been months and months.”

But Associate Chief Medical Officer at Miami Valley Hospital, Dr. Roberto Colon, said while the frustrations people are feeling are understandable, it’s important that community members remember not to let their guards down, especially with more time being spent indoors during the colder months.

“When we talk about adjusting to life with COVID, it does not mean becoming comfortable with COVID being around and going back to your normal activities, as we would last year,” Dr. Colon explained. “That’s not adjustment. Unfortunately, that’s really trying to ignore the problem and that’s what’s getting us in trouble.”

And he said moving into cold and flu season, it’s even more important to pay closer attention to health habits than ever before. 

“Masks work, but they work best when people wear them adequately, which means you have to cover your mouth, and your nose. Can’t be down [on] the chin. It can’t be having the nose hanging out. And it’s best that we wear them when there’s anyone around us.”

He said community members should also still be actively and consistently practicing social distancing of at least six feet and engaging in good hand hygiene. More information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be found here.