MEDWAY, Ohio (WDTN) — No one does Christmas quite like the Greene’s!

The Greene Acres Christmas Tree Farm in Medway is celebrating 25 years of spreading Christmas cheer in the Miami Valley. The farm is owned by Rod and Angela Greene.

People will find Canaan firs ready to be cut down by eager families, as well as pre-cut trees and a gift shop full of Christmas goodies.

“We’re a small operation, but we really take pride in our trees, the quality of them. And we just want everybody to be happy,” Rod said.

They are truly a mom and pop shop, and put special love and care into every tree grown on their farm.

“July 1 to August 1, he is out there hand trimming every tree in the heat. He gets it done in one month. He just looks at it and does it by hand,” Angela said.

Owning a farm does not come without its challenges, though. This year, they had to worry about a dry fall across the Miami Valley, plus soaring prices.

“It’s more of supply and demand issue. I mean, the price of fertilizers and insecticide and herbicide has gone up dramatically as well,” Rod said.

Over in Yellow Springs, the Carl and Dorothy Young’s Christmas Tree Farm is getting ready to welcome families looking to chop down the perfect tree. Owner Ben Young said they are also feeling the strain of rising costs.

“Our prices for fuel and fertilizer and pesticides that we use on our trees all went up. And, of course, labor and transportation. And so we do have higher expenses this year, and so there’s going to be higher prices,” Young explained.

They are also dealing with a shortage of pre-cut trees.

“We will sell trees out of the field as cut your own, and then we buy pre-cut trees out of eastern Ohio and Michigan. And we were unable to get the selection that we wanted that we’ve had in the past,” Young said.

That is not slowing down sales. Young said they added a reservation system to help with increased demand.

Even though people might be paying a little more for a real tree this year, there will be no shortage of the Christmas magic that keeps families coming back for their favorite firs.

“So much fun, and it’s just really fun to meet the people and the people that come through year after year, and see them again. It’s like family coming through,” Angela said.

Greene Acres Christmas Tree Farm is opening Saturday, November 19 – Sunday, November 20, at 12 p.m. The farm will open again on Black Friday and remain open every day after. Reservations are not needed. To find out more about the farm and about opening times, click here.

Carl and Dorothy Young’s Christmas Tree Farm is open starting Black Friday. To make reservations, click here.