DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A group of bikers in the Miami Valley are making sure kids in foster care have a happy Easter by holding an egg hunt Saturday morning.

Around 95 bikers from the Ohio State Coalition of Clubs and 40 foster children came together at the Haines Children’s Center in Dayton.

“We as bikers know that to see a child smile in such turbulent times really warms our heart,” Coalition of Clubs Public Affairs Officer Keith Tickle said.

It was the third year for the egg hunt, but the Coalition of Clubs has been helping foster kids in our community for eight years, whether at Easter, Christmas, or back to school season.

Montgomery County Commissioner Carolyn Rice said this egg hunt shows to these kids that they matter.

“These are our most vulnerable children and they’re in precarious situations, none of their own causing,” Rice said. “Anything we as a community can do to surround them and give them important moments like other kids have is just the best thing we can do for their little souls.”

After the all eggs were collected, each kid could trade the contents for prizes and take home an Easter basket with toys and candy.

Tickle said the bikers are glad they could give these kids a happy Easter.

“We understand the profile when you see leather vests and some of the individuals look less than endearing, just realize the kindness in the heart and look past the leather,” Tickle said.

This event is also bringing awareness of the need for more foster families in Montgomery County. To find out how you can become a foster parent, click here.