TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – The Miami County Board of Elections is testing their new Clear Ballot Paper Voting system.

This comes after a staffing shake-up that followed more than 6,000 votes that went uncounted last November. The uncounted votes did not ultimately impact any races.

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However, that doesn’t mean people were not upset that the issue happened in the first place.

“I would tell residents that the board and the staff at the Miami County board of elections has learned a lot from that experience,” said Laura Bruns, the Director of the Miami County Board of Elections. “There’s been a lot of changes in procedures and polices that have taken place.”

The biggest change that Miami County residents will see is a new paper-ballot system that will replace 470 touchscreen voting machines.

“These voters will actually be getting a physical ballot at their polling locations. Then they will have to scan them through the machines,” said Ian Ridgeway, the Deputy Director Miami County Board of Elections.

State money helped pay for the nearly 1 million dollar system. The machines are also ADA compliant. Meaning voters with disabilities should have no problem at the polls.

And to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, the county will hold a mock vote on August 29 with the secretary of state present.

“It gives us a chance to test the whole system from beginning to end. Top to bottom. Making sure everything works together and we know how to use that system and that everything tabulates at the end correctly,” said Bruns.

The board plans to have the voting machines at the Miami County Fair and potentially at local libraries so the community can become familiar with it while also getting the opportunity to as questions.

A time for the mock election has not been set.