MIAMI COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — Halloween is still five days away, but for many in the Miami Valley, Beggar’s Night is tonight.

When rainy weather dampened Halloween plans in Miami County a few years ago, a committee came together to set a permanent date for Beggar’s Night.

In 2021, township, city and village officials across Miami County began meeting quarterly. They recommended permanently holding Trick or Treat on the last Thursday in October, rain or shine.

“It came up that it was raining, and people were sort of like ‘What are we going to do?’ They decided, I think it was Robin Oda from the city of Troy, said why don’t we just make a permanent recommendation that we do it the last Thursday in October, rain or shine? And then it was set that everyone was going to do it — at least the recommendation,” said Dan Suerdieck, Miami County Planning and Zoning manager.

“A lot of times there were churches that met on Wednesdays and issues with that, football on Fridays, no one wanted to do the weekends. That left Tuesday and Thursday and they just sort of picked Thursday.”

Several other communities including some in Auglaize County and Logan County will be holding Trick or Treat on Thursday, Oct. 26 as well. Some have opted for weekend dates but many have kept the tradition of Oct. 31.

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