MIAMI COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – The petition for Huber Heights to annex over 260 acres of Bethel Township has been denied once again by the Miami County Commissioners. According to the Miami County website, the Board of Commissioners met on Thursday, April 14 to discuss the issue.

Charlotte Colley, Commissioners’ Administrator confirmed that the board denied this request because members were concerned that it did not fully meet legislative requirements.

According to legislation, Huber Heights must pass a resolution stating what services they would provide to the newly annexed area. While Huber Heights did provide this resolution, both the Bethel Township trustees and Miami County Commissioners were concerned because it did not list water and sewer services. Colley said that, since this will be a residential development, these utilities are essential to the function of the area.

This is the second time that landowners in Bethel Township have filed for this annexation, the first being in September of 2021, Bethel Township Administrator Andy Erhart said. The first petition was struck down by the county for issues relating to roadways affected by the annexation.

These landowners then filed a second petition on February 28.

While the petition has now been denied twice, the landowners can still appeal the county’s decision. Colley said the commissioners have not heard if the landowners plan to appeal at this time.