Montgomery County College Promise is looking for mentors to continue helping students break out of a cycle of poverty.

Supported by The Dayton Foundation, the program identifies promising Dayton-area eighth grade students with financial barriers and motivates them to pursue higher education. College Promise pairs students with mentors who meet with them regularly four four years, evaluating grades, goals and challenges. 

Partnerships with eight local colleges help the mentees afford higher education.

“The ability for our students who have the need to get an education at little to no cost and then ultimately give back is wonderful for the greater Dayton community,” said Patrick Gill, executive director of Montgomery County College Promise.

Abigail Moore, a senior at Miamisburg High School, has been meeting with her mentor Sharon Gottschlich once a week for four years.

“It’s kind of like a little therapy session, I refer to it as,” she said, laughing. “It’s definitely helpful to have someone who’s a friend to me, as well as a mentor.”

Gottschlich, a retired school teacher, said it’s been gratifying mentoring Moore and the two have formed a special bond.

“To see her grow and really attain a goal is very rewarding. I’m very proud,” Gottschlich said.

Moore maintained high grades throughout high school and will be graduating near the top of her class. The senior recently earned a prestigious Flyer Promise scholarship and plans to attend the University of Dayton. 

Moore said without the financial aid, attending college might not be a possibility and she was motivated to achieve more because of her involvement in College Promise.

“Thinking that I have this opportunity where other people don’t really makes me want to do something big and something good for the world,” Moore said.

Gill said the program is looking for at least twenty mentors for the upcoming school year. 

After receiving training and orientation, College Promise mentors meet for 30-60 minutes weekly with their mentee at the student’s high school.

If you’re interested in learning more or applying to be a mentor, click here.