According to AAA, gas prices are up by about 60 cents since this time last year, but that hasn’t seemed to stop travelers from hitting the road this holiday weekend.

“It is very costly, but we have to do what we have to do,” said Vikie Gregory, Toledo resident.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular gas is $2.97, which is up 60 cents from this time last year when the average was $2.37.

The average in Ohio sits below the national average at $2.87, but the Buckeye State still saw almost the same increase, according to AAA.

“People work hard for their money, and that’s the last thing they want to do, is spend it on gas,” said Bobby Roark, Greenville resident.

Some travelers we spoke with said they were prepared for higher prices over the holiday weekend but are frustrated they’ve become this high.

“Prices shot up at home almost 30 cents in a couple weeks, and here it’s the same,” said Gregory Humphrey, who was on his way back to Kansas Monday after visiting Dayton. “Pay raises don’t happen that fast.”

According to AAA, expensive crude oil, record demand for gas and a smaller supply are to blame for the increase in prices at the pump, but Memorial Day weekend travel is up 5 percent over last year.

Some drivers we spoke with said they’re worried they may have to change their future plans if prices don’t go back down.

“Ain’t going to be able to come out here maybe Christmas, I don’t know,” Humphrey said. “It just depends on how much higher they go.”

“My car isn’t too much to fill up, but I only put in about $20 here and there just to see if one day they might change,” said Emilee Rohrs, Oxford resident. “And if they go down lower, then I’ll definitely fill it up all the way.”

The good news this year – airfare is down 7 percent this weekend compared to last year, and car rental rates are down 11 percent, according to AAA.