TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – The Trotwood branch of the Dayton Metro Library is turning ‘destruction into construction’ with the unveiling of their latest Nature Play area. The play space just outside of the new library is constructed with wood from trees that were blown down in the Memorial Day tornadoes. Chainsaw sculptor Nick Smith also used up-cycled wood from the local area to create woodland creatures with his wife Amanda that are also in the play area.

This week, kids and families alike buzzed with excitement to get to play on the new playground. Dani Gustavich, Trotwood children’s librarian, says it’s important to have this space for children to have fun after hours in front of a computer.

“It’s very important for kids to be outside and be active instead of behind a screen all day. This gives the kids a place to run around, climb on, find different ways to use the items,” she said.

Gustavich also says the playground is the perfect way to remind thousands of children in the future of the resiliency and strength of the Trotwood community before, during, and after the tornadoes.

“It’s a great way to incorporate something that really devastated many of the families in Trotwood by turning [it] into a positive situation…because the strength of this Trotwood community is so great and people really came together,” she said. “This is just kind of a reminder of [the tornadoes] because these structures here are strong, even though they were torn down they were able to be built up and be strong for the community.”

Funding for the project was provided by the Mark A. Kreusch Memorial Fund, which is a component of the Dayton Foundation.