DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — After a tense Dayton City Commission meeting on Wednesday, the 2023 budget is left in question.

In the city commission meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 7, commissioners Darryl Fairchild and Shenise Turner-Sloss abstained from voting on the 2023 budget, meaning it could not be passed.

“A no vote means your trash will not be picked up, there will be no pay for employees,” Mims said at the meeting. “A no vote means no air service will be conducted out of Dayton Airport. A no vote means no fire or no police. A no vote means no health insurance or employees and their family members.”

Turner-Sloss defended her position, saying that her concerns could not be addressed at the meeting.

“The concerns that I have raised cannot be discussed in public as it relates to the budget and you all know that,” said Turner-Sloss. “And I’ve laid out my concerns, I’ve asked for a policy-based budget, engagement with the public and have participated in this process.”

On Thursday, Dec. 8 at 1 p.m., Mims made comments in response to the meeting.

“It’s a dark day in the City of Dayton,” Mims said.

Expressing his frustration, Mims said that he is unaware of any concerns the commissioners may have with the budget despite Turner-Sloss’s comments during Wednesday’s meeting.

According to Mims, if the budget does not pass, the city will come to a halt and a 30-day delay will go into effect.

“I have no finite answer. I wish I did as to when this is gonna get done. What I do know is that all hands are on deck in trying to make this happen because we owe it to the community. That’s what they put us here for.”

On Thursday at 2:15 p.m., commissioners Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw provided comments.

Dayton City Commissioner Chris Shaw talked about two commissioners allegedly refused to have discussions and left city hall.

“Let me be clear, we have been working on this budget for the last 11 months. Commissioners Fairchild and Turner-Sloss are not being clear to what specific changes they want to see on the budget before they can vote yes,” Shaw said.

The city of Dayton may be looking at a shutdown, according to Joseph.

Commissioner Joseph said if the commission receives 4 votes to approve, the city is allowed to immediately start spending the 2023 funds. If the commission receives 3 votes, the city will be forced to wait 30 days until the funds will be permitted to be used.

Some things that would happen if the city shuts down, according to Joseph, is:

  • City employees, which include but not limited to Police, Fire, EMS, Sanitation, Public Work, Sanitation and Water employees will not get paid.
  • Garbage Pickup will be cancelled.
  • Snow removal will not be in effect.
  • Water or infrastructure emergencies will go untouched.
  • The Dayton International Airport will close.
  • The Dayton Municipal Court and Clerk of Courts will close.
  • Police, Fire and EMS services will be unavailable.

This could and will result in the serious injuries and deaths, and it’s pointless and irresponsible. There’s no time to waste. We have to come together and work and pass this budget.

Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph

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