DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Days after a gunshot was fired during Dayton’s Children’s Parade, Dayton’s Mayor Jeffrey Mims says he is taking action in preventing gun violence among juveniles.

Right now, Dayton Police are still looking for that person and no one is in custody in connection with the gun shot at this time.

When a single gun shot was fired during the parade, Mayor Mims says he was two blocks down from the incident and didn’t hear it. He believes the majority of people left because the parade was canceled, not because a gunshot was fired.

“I didn’t see the hard running like I’m running because of what’s going on, they were walking calmly because they had gotten information of what’s happening, so they were more in control, but they were leaving because the parade was canceled,” said Mayor Mims.

 After 8 p.m. on Friday, police say a fight broke out between two juvenile girls when another boy pulled a gun and fired into the air. Mayor Mims believes the recent mass shootings across the nation are what incited panic at the parade.

“The panic people experienced is because of what people see across the nation, that’s what caused them to feel the need to secure their safety and family, so I totally understand,” said Mayor Mims.

Mayor Mims says the parade organizers are feeling the most pain, the city is experiencing tremendous growth and refuses to let a senseless act of violence set back the city.

“There’s so much pain for people who volunteered their time, efforts and work to put into the parade to make it a successful event which was well on its way to being prior to this event,” said Mayor Mims.

Four juveniles have been charged with disorderly conduct and other charges, but they are still on the search for the boy who fired the gun shot. Police are asking anyone with information to call them immediately.