LOVELAND, Ohio (WDTN) — Morris Furniture Company, with the help of the community, is giving a retired veteran a fresh start with 30,000 worth of furniture.

After being injured in Afghanistan, U.S. Marine veteran Corporal Joshua Sust medically retired.

“I got hit by an IED in 2011 in a vehicle patrol which resulted in open fractures in my left arm and a shattered tibia and fibula,” said Sust. “My journey led to me electing to have an amputation below the knee in 2015, and it basically ended up saving my life because I was not very happy.”

Since then, he’s had difficulty finding a home that fits his needs.

“I could never use my wheelchair. I always had to use my crutches, and here in Ohio we know it rains every day like it is now, so getting up and down the stairs was a problem,” Sust said.

Over the weekend, Sust received a new home from a nonprofit called Home for Our Troops. On Wednesday, Morris Furniture Company Inc. furnished the home with $30,000 worth of furniture that’ll give him freedom and independence.

“They sacrifice so much being in the military risking their lives every day so it’s part of our responsibility for us so it’s our responsibility to give back,” said Marcus Moore, the VP of Sales and Advertising for Morris Furniture Company, Inc.

The furniture, which was purchased with the help of donations from the community and local vendors, included an adjustable base mattress and seats with reclining functions. The pieces make a huge difference for vets like Corporal Sust.

“Josh and I had an apartment together in a rental home. The hallway wasn’t wide enough for wheelchairs. In the bathrooms, there was nothing to grab to get in and out of bathtubs, and falling in and out was a regular occurrence,” said Michael Fox, retired Corporal U.S. Marine Corp.

For veterans living with injuries, Sust said there’s help available.

“Please reach out. I know that the phone can get heavy sometimes, but your brothers and sisters love you and they will answer that phone call when you need it,” Sust said.