A man is facing felony charges after Police say he injured two people in a serious hit and run crash.

John Matthew Boone II is now facing 3 felony charges after Police say he nearly killed 78-year-old Army veteran Jim Berry when he crashed into him at Huffman Park. Berry’s granddaughter Ashley Brown says she’s relieved Boone is being charged, but still struggling with her grandpa’s recovery.

“It’s a weight lifted off your chest for sure,” Brown said. “But justice doesn’t end the bruising and the damage that it’s still causing.”

78-year-old Jim Berry–a retired Army veteran–is still recovering nearly one month after the crash. He suffered 4 broken ribs, 2 fractures to his pelvis, a concussion and multiple lacerations after a car nearly ran him over at Huffman Park back in May. His granddaughter has been by his side.

“I’ve still watched a lot of problems arise ever since this accident,” Brown said. “Wth swelling and even doing simple things like taking a shower. I’m doing everything I can to help him.”

At the time of the crash, Berry had just finished fishing with a friend at Huffman Park. The two were chatting near their cars when a large van came barreling down the road, smashing into Berry’s car and knocking him unconscious.

“I can’t necessarily hold a grudge for something that happened,” Brown said. “But I’m really upset because I feel like there could be more done in this case. I mean there’s only three felonies.”

Boone is being charged with Arson, Tampering With Evidence and leaving the scene of an accident, which are all felonies. Brown says she has a message for Boone.

“When you think of this situation,” Brown said. “And they find you guilty of this situation that you think about your own grandfather.”

The next step in the case will be to present the charges to a grand jury, where officials hope to obtain a warrant ordering Boone to court on the charges.