RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) – Harold Rollins was at work when his wife called him from their residence on Airway Road in Riverside.

“She told me to get home,” Rollins said. “There’s a madman in front of the house running around the road.”

Police arrested Raymond Walters Jr., who police say stole a cruiser on Monday and later crashed at the Dayton Metro Library near Third Street, killing two children and injuring 10 people.

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His father was taking him to the hospital for a mental health evaluation when Walters allegedly stabbed his father, then stole his Chevrolet pickup truck.

While speeding away from the scene, he lost control on Airway Road and crashed the truck into the front yard of a house three down from the Rollins’ residence.

Rollins said his nephew came out of a house across the street with a baseball bat but didn’t confront the suspect. Police had arrived and immediately tased the suspect. He fell to the ground but was able to get up and take off with a police cruiser, driving in reverse.

“I got home, my wife was hysterical,” Rollins said. “He tried getting into my neighbor’s truck, he tried getting into my cousin’s Jeep. She thought he was coming over here because she was alone. Thank God the cops showed up.”

What concerned Rollins most was the suspect getting up after being tased by police.

“I don’t know why he didn’t stay down,” Rollins said. “I know it doesn’t affect some people if they are on some kind of high.”

During a press conference on Tuesday, Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said Walters had a prior drug history and his behavior at the scene led them to believe he may have been using methamphetamine.

Being on a high-traffic road, Rollins said he’s seen his share of adventure after moving into the house 15 years ago.

He said there was one serious accident. Another time three men were put on the ground and arrested in front of his home for having felony warrants.

But Monday’s incident had struck him. His wife was home alone when it happened and it ended tragically.

“It’s sad people had to get hurt,” Rollins said. “Innocent people just going about their business. It turned into something evil.”