LOGAN COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — A major announcement was made Tuesday about plans to bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investment to Southwestern Ohio.

Honda is hoping to make our region the heart of its new electric vehicle hub. The Dayton Development Coalition says they played a key role in bringing Honda to our region.

“We were competing not just in Ohio but throughout the country,” said President & CEO Dayton Development Coalition Jeff Hoagland.

Southwest Ohio is driving Honda’s new plans forward, a future in which all of its vehicles are powered by batteries and fuel cells. Dayton Development Coalition says when they were approached by Honda and LG on where to build their multi billion dollar venture battery factory. They knew Fayette County was the prime location.

“Geographic location to four different markets from the workforce standpoint, Dayton is 45 minutes, Columbus, Cincinnati and Chillicothe market, you can get to all of those markets in under 50 minutes so you’re able to grab from four different markets which made us very attractive to the company,” said Hoagland.

In addition, Honda’s assembly plants in Marysville and East Liberty plus its engine plant in Anna will share a $700-million investment. The Anna Plant will make cases to hold the battery cells while Marysville and East Liberty will build complete electric vehicles, all bringing in hundreds of jobs to the Miami Valley. Logan County Commissioner Mark Robinson says Honda’s announcement has reshaped the course of Ohio’s future.

“The economic development and investment has been tremendous, it’s generationally life changing,” said Robinson.

 Robinson believes traditional manufacturing jobs are transitioning to the tech industry– and common trade skills will be vital to continue Ohio’s growth.

“I think it’s just the beginning, tip of the iceberg on what’s to come, just tremendous opportunities for the next generation or two,” said Robinson.

Out of Honda’s 12 U.S. factories, five of them are located here in Ohio. Construction on the battery plant will start early next year.