MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — This year, Grant Short, a Public Works road worker, won fourth place out of 56 drivers in the 34th annual Gene Riechert Memorial Snow Plow Roadeo.

The Roadeo, which consisted of 56 veteran snow plow drivers from various municipalities across Southwestern Ohio, took place on Oct. 12 at the City of Mason Sports Complex.

Every year, drivers put their talents on display as they maneuver a plow attached to a salt truck through an obstacle course. The event is an opportunity to network with surrounding jurisdictions and learn new techniques related to the winter weather season, according to Public Works Director John Schweickart.

(Photo courtesy of Pubic Works)

“I am proud of myself to represent Miami Township and bring a plaque to our department. We have plaques that go back to the early 90’s in this event, and now I get to add mine to the collection,” Short said.

“It was a great event, and I hope the residents are proud of what we accomplish at Miami Township.”

Short, who has two years of plowing experience under his belt, said he was happy to compete against veteran drivers and leave with a top-ranking award.

“I would love to get another shot next year to compete for the top spot in the roadeo. Our department typically alternates drivers’ year-to-year, so everyone gets an opportunity to showcase their talents,” Short said.

“If I attend next year, I want to bring the first-place trophy to Miami Township Public Works.”