DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Five Rivers Metroparks’ staff and volunteers sank hundreds of used Christmas trees into Eastwood Lake on Wednesday morning to boost the lake’s ecosystem.

For weeks, Five Rivers Metroparks has been accepting donations of old Christmas trees after the holiday season, collecting them for this purpose.

According to Five Rivers, Eastwood Lake has no forest around it, causing a lack of fallen trees to create habitats for fish and microscopic organisms.

“By sinking these trees, we’re adding a natural resource that will provide refuge and feeding areas for fish,” said Grace Dietsch, Metroparks’ regional manager of conservation. “It also gives the public a way to repurpose their trees and enriches Eastwood Lake’s ecosystem — a win-win for nature and the community.”

This project was first run in 2019 when almost 750 trees were sunk into the lake. This year, trees will again be bundled in groups of two or three and tied to cinder blocks before they are sunk.

The Metroparks said these trees will not affect boating activities, but they will increase fishing opportunities closer to shore.