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Local pantry gets $15,000 donation to purchase parking lot

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - With God's Grace, located off Springfield Street now owns their parking lot after recently gaining ownership of their warehouse.  

With God's Grace says Michael Heitz, a Kentucky-Based developer has donated $15,000 dollars to the pantry.

"This parking lot was the game changer. This is the reason why we can be at our location and why we are able to feed. Like Wednesday we did 722 families here," said Nicole Adkins, the Executive Director of With God's Grace. 

Months ago, the city of Dayton challenged the zoning of With God's Grace. 

One major issue was the traffic on Springfield and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The once muddy field is now a gravel parking lot. The city has since backed off.

"They park here. They now stay on our premises the whole time. They are not walking through the community," said Adkins. 

Most pantry visitors have appointments. Meaning Adkins can manage traffic better with the parking lot. 

"We know how many people are coming in. So we can pack the parking lot out and have them come through and gone before the next 30 minutes come with more families," said Adkins. \

Not long ago, Adkins had the odds stacked against her. Now the pantry is thriving and they need your help.

"Come and make a difference. Without our volunteers we can't do what we do for the community. We need everyone. It takes an army not just one person," said Adkins. 

With God's Grace plans to paint a mural in their newly owned parking lot. 

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