DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Within the therapy rooms of United Rehabilitation Services, children like three-year-old London have reached many milestones.

For months, she has worked with therapists to conquer daily tasks, like chewing hard foods, reaching for toys, or rolling over.

Charisse Odom, London’s mom says “Before she wouldn’t tolerate laying on her back at all. I’m talking about at all. Now, she will lay on her back and play on her back. She will even go to sleep. Before I couldn’t get her to even sleep on her back.”

Charisse learned shortly after her daughter was born that she suffered from a condition known as Microcephaly– meaning her brain is not fully developed. She was also diagnosed with a form of Cerebal Palsy.

Charisse says she knows London is happy, but there are difficult moments. “I just feel like she’s missing out.”

After relying on family for the first two years, Charisse discovered United Rehabilitation Services. London now has speech and occupational therapy, including feeding therapy, and physical therapy all in one place.

It saves Charisse from having to leave work or drive to more than 150 therapy appointments per year. Having on-site nursing services also gives her peace of mind. “I worry a lot about her, but I don’t worry as much because I know she’s safe here,” Charisse said.

Charisse hopes one day London she will be able to walk, run, and play with other kids. But for now, she celebrates every sign progress. “Well I would like people to know that she is a normal kid, like I said she does have her delays, but she’s a great kid. I wouldn’t change her for the world.”

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