DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Tragedy struck the Riverside community on Tuesday when 16-year-old Samantha Anders was killed in a car crash and her mother, Anna Irwin, injured.

Since then, the community has rallied behind the family, including kids using proceeds from a lemonade stand to help pay for medical costs and funeral expenses.

The Wendling kids were having a lemonade stand to earn some spending money for their trip to Disney World, but after hearing about the car crash, their plans changed.

12-year-old Emma Wendling and her siblings, Tristan Wendling and Colton Wendling, decided to give the money to the grieving family instead.

“Well, I know it means a lot to the family, and that it would just be nice to give them some extra money for what they’re going through,” Emma, the organizer of the lemonade stand, said. “Small acts of kindness. Like, they’ve done a lot to me, and this is just my way of like, return.”

The Wendlings hardly knew Samantha, only meeting her a couple of times, but they wanted to help in some small way, and other kids from the neighborhood joined in as well.

So far, their pitchers of lemonade, strawberry lemonade, Kool-Aid and chips have raised over $100.

Their selfless act blew away their father Brian Wendling who knew Samantha’s mother from bingo nights.

“I’m proud of them,” Brian said. “They could have easily just said, you know, this is for Disney, but they found out what happened, and they instantly were, hey, we’re going to raise money for Anna and Samantha and their family because it’s the right thing to do. It’s amazing.”

Those who wish to donate to the family of Samantha Anders and Anna Irwin can do so on this GoFundMe page created by a family friend.