HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – A driver’s life was saved last December by a passerby after he was trapped in a burning vehicle after a crash

The Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck is honoring Joseph Cox for his heroic actions on December 15.

According to Streck, a box truck had forcefully rear-ended a semi-trailer in the intersection of Needmore Road and Webster Street, breaking the trailer’s rear axle and heavily damaging the front of the box truck.

Later investigation showed the driver of the box truck was inebriated at the time of the crash, Streck said, and there was no evidence that he had attempted to brake or slow down.

After the crash, the box truck caught fire with the unconscious driver still inside.

Joseph Cox was passing by when he saw the burning box truck and quickly attempted to get the driver out. Streck said the driver’s side door was pinned shut, so Cox broke the window and pulled the unconscious driver to safety.

The fire itself was extinguished by another passerby.

“I would like to recognize Mr. Joseph Cox for his fast reaction and this selfless act,” Sheriff Streck wrote. “It is this Officer’s opinion that if he did not act, the driver would have been seriously hurt if not lost his life.”