DAYTON, Ohio – A struggle consumers have been facing all across the country – egg price increases.

The price for a dozen eggs is around $4, more than double the price from this time last year. Many shelters and food pantries around the Miami Valley are feeling it just as much, if not more as retail stores.

Leaving them in a frenzy, trying to find eggs for those who are in need of food.

The executive director of Shared Harvest Food Bank, Terry Perdue, says eggs are often a staple in many struggling families diets, as a good alternative source of protein.

“Eggs are an item that families traditionally turn to as a more expensive protein like meat. Hamburger, chicken, things like that, and now they’re having to find an alternative to the cheaper super solution so now families are eating things like beans for example or not eating protein at all,” Perdue told 2 NEWS. 

And not eating protein can be dangerous for some people who have dietary restrictions like diabetics.

Many families needs two cartons a week, especially with eggs being such a staple ingredient in so many other foods.

Nicole Adkins, the Executive Director of With God’s Grace is nervous this nightmare is the new normal.

“It’s going up so much and the way the prices of inflation I have not seen anything start to come back down and I hate to think this is going to be the new norm, but it’s kind of looking like this is going to be the new norm of the prices of food and it’s only going to get worse I feel,” Adkins said. 

With God’s Grace is looking for farmers to help ease their struggle as well as anyone else who would like to support their cause.