DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An area couple is beginning a petition to help reduce animal crashes and increase reaction times during those crashes, but officials say that it is just not feasible to do.

Jasmine Shaw and Austin Jordan were traveling home to Kettering early Monday morning traveling on I-70 near London, Ohio where they say there were no street lights.

They encountered a group of deer at 70 miles per hour and say they didn’t have enough time to react and hit the deer head on, totaling their car.

Shaw said, “We were driving for miles and there were multiple signs for deer crossings.”

Jordan said, “But it was pitch black.”

Shaw continued saying, “It was dark, pitch black. There is nothing that could have prepared us for this even the signs. That was nothing.”

They then created a petition online, and have received over 300 signatures. Their goal is to install street lights on stretches of roads where there are deer crossing signs.

Shaw said, “It definitely could have been prevented or at least more prepared for. Like if we had seen the deer, the group like 20 feet more back, we would have at least been able to be like, ‘Oh my gosh we’re about to hit a deer.”

Jordan said, “Slow down a little bit more.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation says that street lights would be expensive to purchase, maintain, and provide electricity to, and would not get rid of deer crashes during any time of the day.

Matt Bruning, ODOT Press Secretary said, “If lighting were the x-factor there, certainly we wouldn’t have those daytime crashes with deer. Unfortunately we do so the real key and the best thing that drivers can do is just be extra alert. Drop those distractions, you should be doing that anyway, paying attention to the road ahead.”

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said if you hit a deer get  to the side of the roadway, turn your hazards on, and call police.