DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton leaders are speaking Tuesday morning in an effort to push for the passage of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Dayton Mayor-elect Jeff Mims and other city leaders held a news conference to discuss the importance of passing the plan. Mims said it is “critical for us to make sure we give our youngest learners the best start possible that will put them in a position to make a contribution to this society.”

Mims also said this plan is also important to employers as they need a pool of qualified workers to build a better life for all of Dayton.

Dayton School Board Vice President Will Smith said one focus of Build Back Better should be the future. “Too many times we come in and we do stop-gaps and we try to deal with the problems we see right now, and we forget that our most vulnerable population are a population that, they don’t get to go vote.” Smith continued, “They don’t get to have a say in what goes on in Congress, they don’t get to have a say in legislation. So, it is up to us to provide for them.”

Smith pointed to the extension of the child tax credit, which he said helps not only the children but their families. Smith said by helping the families, students will perform better with the opportunity to have a more stable background.

You can watch the full news conference in the player above.