DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The first Mobile CPR training kiosk in the Miami Valley began its tour in Dayton on Monday.

“Over 350,000 people a year die of cardiac arrest in the United States,” said Alina Joseph, Executive Director for Heart and Vascular Services for Kettering Health. “The American Heart Association and Kettering Health are on a mission to make sure we spread the news and education for hands-only CPR across as much as the community as possible.”

Kettering Health and the American Heart Association have partnered to bring this training unit to the Dayton area. In five minutes or less, a person can watch a video with an introduction and overview of Hands-Only CPR, followed by a practice session on a rubber torso and a 30-second test. The Kiosk can sense the depth and rate of compressions, as well as hand placement, and provide feedback to the learner.

This kiosk will begin service at the Student Union at Wright State University before traveling to 9 different locations over the next three years. The kiosk opened for the first time on Monday, February 13.

“Students today are so much more in tune with embracing helping others and doing what’s good for the community,” said Kim Rex, a chief administrative officer with Wright State University. “What better place to start than a place of higher education?”

For more information on the American Heart Association, click here.