DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Automated License Plate Readers have been installed in Dayton to help find vehicles connected to criminal activity, the Dayton Police Department said.

In July of 2022, the Dayton City Commission held a hearing concerning this technology, a release said. after this hearing, the commission voted to approve the deployment of these cameras.

According to authorities, these cameras would tell officers if a car is involved in a crime, stolen, part of an Amber or Silver Alert, or if someone has a felony warrant.

“I’m not sure why would anybody have an issue with a police officer knowing that there’s a car in front of them — on a camera — that was stolen,” Dayton Police Chief Kamran Afzal said in July.

In August of 2022, mobile license plate reader units went live in the community, however, the fixed location cameras required a much more in-depth process, a release by DPD said.

Over five months later, the Dayton Police Department finished installing the fixed location plate readers in multiple neighborhoods across the city. According to a release, readers were installed in Old North Dayton, Westwood, Twin Towers and the Central Business District. Neighborhood safety plans were also developed for these areas.

“ALPRs work by scanning the license plate of a vehicle and comparing it to national and local crime databases,” the release explains. “It will alert law enforcement of plates associated with potentially stolen vehicles, Amber Alerts, registered owner warrants and terrorist watch lists.”

Automated License Plate Readers were installed at the following locations.

  • Old North Dayton
    • 1524 Leo Street at Milburn Avenue
    • Janney Road at Kuntz Road (Northbound)
    • Stanley Avenue at Webster Street (Eastbound)
    • Troy Street at Stanley Avenue (Northbound)
    • Troy Street at Stanley Avenue (Southbound)
    • Webster Street at Stanley Avenue (Southbound)
    • Brandt Street at Stanley Avenue (Northbound)
    • Leo Street at Troy Street (Westbound)
    • Troy Street at Jergens Road (Southbound)
    • Stanley Avenue at Kuntz Road (Westbound)
    • Stanley Road at Route 4 (Northbound)
  • Twin Towers
    • South Keowee Street at US 35 (Northbound)
    • Xenia Avenue at Kastner Avenue (Eastbound)
    • Wyoming Street at Steve Whalen Boulevard (Eastbound)
    • Wyoming Street at Steve Whalen Boulevard (Westbound)
    • Xenia Avenue at Boltin Street (Westbound)
    • Xenia Avenue at McClure Street (Eastbound)
    • Steve Whalen Boulevard at US 35 (Southbound)
    • Wayne Avenue at Johnson Street (Northbound)
    • Wyoming Street at Hawker Street (Westbound)
    • Boltin Street at Nassau Street (Westbound)
    • Clover Street at Filmore Street (Westbound)
  • Westwood
    •  West Third Street at North Gettysburg Avenue (Westbound)
    • North Gettysburg Avenue at Vina Villa Avenue (Northbound)
    • North Gettysburg Avenue at Gamer
    • North Gettysburg Avenue at North James H McGee Boulevard (Northbound)
    • North James H McGee Boulevard at Hoover Avenue (Northbound)
    • Brooklyn Avenue at Hoover Avenue (Southbound)
    • West Third Street at Shoop Avenue (Eastbound)
    • Edison Street at Brooklyn Avenue (Westbound)
    • Brooklyn Avenue at Fairbanks Avenue (Southbound)
    • West Second Street at Lorenz Avenue (Westbound)
  • Central Business District
    • West Third Street at Bank Street (Eastbound)
    • West Third Street at South Robert Drive (Westbound)
    • North Main Street at East Monument Avenue (Northbound)
    • North Main Street at West Riverview Avenue (Southbound)
    • South Main Street at US 35 (Northbound)