KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Leaders of the Tenneco automotive product plant in Kettering have announced the closure after years of working and providing employment in the city. The plant plans to be fully closed by 2023, and company leaders are citing changes in market conditions along with capacity requirements for this decision. However, many leaders across The Miami Valley are concerned about the loss of jobs in the area.

Kettering’s Tenneco location has existed since 2008, and currently houses 648 employees.

Tenneco opened its Kettering site in 2008, which according to company leaders currently employees 648 people. According to IUE-CWA Union leaders, the company’s decision also comes from moving more than 500 jobs from The United States to China and Mexico.

“2 million dollars in tax abatements and subsidies from the state of Ohio for these jobs to go over seas. I’m calling on Governor Mike DeWine and for the state to call for that money back, and to do everything in their power to make sure these jobs stay right here in Kettering,” said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley.

Following the announcement of job loss, Kettering City Manager Mark Schwieterman said the loss will have a significant impact on the Kettering Community. “First and foremost on the employees and families that rely on Tenneco for their economic well-being. So, our first thoughts are with those families and how we can help them through the next few years as they transition.”

Kettering’s Mayor, Donald Patterson said:

“Kettering has always had a good relationship with Tenneco, and we were shocked and sad to hear their two-year plan to leave our city. Our hearts go out to the employees who will be impacted over the next 24 months, and we are working to prioritize and put plans in place to make sure those people are provided the assistance they need to find new jobs. We have solid relationships with state and county agencies that will assist the employees, and we have talented people working to bring new businesses and jobs to Kettering. We have proven time and again that relationships lead to resiliency. This occasion is no different. We will do our utmost for the impacted employees and to welcome new opportunities for the continued health of our city.”

Kettering Mayor Donald Patterson

A statement from Tenneco’s Executive Director of Communications Steven Blow saying in part quote:

“This is a great team in Kettering and we recognize the impact this action will have on our team members. We will work to provide transition assistance for all affected team members, including some opportunities to transfer to other Tenneco locations.  The Company and Union will be meeting in the coming weeks to bargain on these topics.

This difficult decision is part of the company’s need to realign its manufacturing footprint to respond to changing market conditions and capacity requirements.

The North America conventional shock market has significant over-capacity.  Adjusting the size of its operations to match the current market demand, as well as what is anticipated in the future, is necessary to strengthen Tenneco’s long-term sustainability in the North America shock market. “

Tenneco Executive Director of Communications Steven Blow

Gov. Mike DeWine released the following statement:

“I am deeply disappointed that Tenneco has announced plans to close its Kettering plant, which would negatively impact the lives of 650 Ohioans and their families. JobsOhio and its partners are working to engage with Tenneco to explore solutions on how the company can succeed in Kettering. Ohio’s automotive workforce is second to none, and the Kettering facility lies within a day’s drive of 70 percent of current North American auto assembly plants. We know that our talented workforce will be highly attractive for future investment and job creation.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

State Senator Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) released the following statement on the announcement made regarding Tenneco: 

“I am extremely unhappy with Tenneco’s announcement. With Ohio’s improving business climate over the past few years and the expansion of the Dayton region’s automotive manufacturing supply chain, it is clear this announcement by Tenneco is simply them trying to ship good American jobs overseas to China. I will work with JobsOhio to do everything possible to save these jobs.”

State Senator Niraj Antani

Schwieterman said Tenneco is only a tenant of the current plant in which it’s housed. Therefore, Kettering city leaders will be working with Tenneco leaders and the plant’s landlord to find and create new opportunities for the facility once Tenneco leaves in 2023.