CARLISLE, Ohio (WLWT) – Despite Skylar Richardson’s acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges, Lt. John Faine says he believes she is responsible for the death of her daughter, Annabelle.

Faine says he first thought that during Richardson’s first police interview.

“I had a baby and it wasn’t alive. I didn’t kill her though,” she said.

“Just from experience, a lot of times over the course of my career, people who are guilty are the ones who are so adamantly, defiantly, telling us overtly, ‘I didn’t do this, I didn’t do this.’ That was part of it, and then, just the secrecy,” he said.

The next six days were spent collecting evidence which led to interrogation number two.

When asked if he ever lied to Richardson’s parents, he said, “We did not. It was exactly what I told him, we have more information and there’s some more questions I need to ask her.”

Information detectives received right before that interview would the change the course of the investigation.

“Literally before Det. Carter and I walked into the doorway, Dr. Uptegrove from the Coroner’s Office came to the Carlisle Police Department and said, ‘Before you go in there, I need you to know the bones were definitely charred. She definitely set this baby on fire.’”

Given 100 percent certainty from a medical professional, Faine and Detective Brandi Carter pushed the issue.

“I didn’t burn her,” Richardson insisted.

Det. Carter asks, “Are you sure?”

“I swear on anything.”

Richardson then went from denying it to admitting it.

“I tried to cremate the baby just a little,” she said.

Richardson also said she maybe heard her baby gurgle and saw her move.

False confessions, the defense said, based on coercion and detectives who were “falsely nice.”

“Detective Carter, and even by nature, she’s not a hand holder. She’s just not that kind of person but it was Skylar who reached across for her. A lot of times the situation dictates what we do more than we dictate the situation,” said Faine.

Richardson was sentenced to three years of probation for abuse of a corpse.