DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The family members of victims of the 2019 Oregon District mass shooting have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Brady, a national gun violence prevention organization, and Cooper Elliott, a Columbus, Ohio-based law firm, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the family members against the manufacturer of the 100-round magazine used in the mass shooting. The suit alleges negligence, negligent entrustment, and public nuisance, according to a release.

Attorney Ben Cooper and Jonathan Lowy, with the Brady organization, held a press conference Monday on the lawsuit. They were accompanied by Dion Greene and LaSandra James, family members of the shooting victims. Cooper and Lowy said they believe the lawsuit is the first in the United States to focus on high capacity magazines.

Lowy said the lawsuit is seeking an injunction to prevent the manufacturer from continuing to sell the 100-round magazines how they have been, including marketing, sales, designs and practices.

“If the Dayton shooter did not have such a large capacity magazine, he would not have been able to inflict the damage that he did,” said Cooper. “No civilian needs a 100-round magazine.”

The shooting happened just after 1 a.m. Sunday, August 4 in the 400 block of East Fifth St. Police said 10 people were killed, including the suspect, and 27 people were injured. 

Clients in the lawsuit include families of victims Derrick Fudge, Lois Oglesby, Logan Turner and Nicole Warren-Curtis.