MASON, Ohio (WDTN) — Kings Island is now open daily to thrill seekers and parkgoers of all ages for the 2023 season.

On Wednesday, May 17, Kings Island opened its doors for daily entrance for the 2023 season.

Tuesday, Aug. 15 is the last day the park will be open daily, according to their website, when the park moves to being open only on the weekends until the beginning of September for attendees.

Whether you have gone for the thrills or the blue ice cream in the past, the amusement park in Warren County opened for the season on Saturday, April 15 on Opening Day. In April, the park announced teens and children who are 15 years old and younger must be with an adult 21 years old or older, due to “increasing incidents.”

Soak City is expected to open on Saturday, May 27 during “Military Days.”

Halloween Haunt and WinterFest are scheduled to return once again after the regular summer season.