DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Many of the children receiving services at United Rehabilitation Services are there because a family member is in the service.  Sean Costello can focus on serving his country at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base knowing that his three kids are well cared for at URS.

“We’ve served a lot of military families from WPAFB over the years,” said Dennis Grant, Executive Director for URS. “Some even relocate to Wright-Patt so they can be close to [a] center like ours where they can receive the comprehensive services they really need for those military families. The fact that we’re a tri-care provider, they can get those services here and if their child happens to be in our childcare center, they can get those services during the day.”

That’s exactly what the three Costello kids do. There’s nine-month-old Spencer, eight-year-old Madeline and 4-year-old Carter who has spent most of those years mastering one very important skill.

“He took about three years to learn to walk but miss Rene has Carter going up stairs incredibly fast both at home and here,” Alicia Costello, Carter’s mother said. “He’s becoming more confident. He is blind in one eye and low vision in his other eye. He has a lot of depth perception issues. That’s a big goal that we work on as for as walking and going up stairs and trusting himself to jump and play like a typical little boy.”

That’s all made possible by the URS 5-star rated early childhood education and school age programs for children with and without disabilities starting at 6 weeks until the child turns 17.

“Our therapy program really is a good example of our vision of providing the broadest range of services,” Grant said. “That includes things like augmentative communication devices, specialized wheelchair equipment and assessments and design, the fact that we can do everything from bracing to the only pediatric aquatic therapy program in the area, these are the unique aspects of what we do that make it possible for families to see their kids blossom and benefit and achieve those milestones they might not otherwise be able to.”

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