DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Kettering Health showcased their driver rehabilitation program aimed at getting those with medical concerns behind the wheel and on the road.

The program uses a driving simulator and adaptive equipment for their training vehicles.

Jessica Caskey had a brain tumor at three years of age that resulted in right-side weakness. When it was time to get her driver’s license, she worked with Kettering Health’s rehab and balance team to address her concerns and find the best tools to help her get on the road safely.

“I thought I couldn’t drive, but now since Doreen taught me how to drive with the left pedals and steering knobs, I’ve been a pro,” Caskey said. “I had no faith in myself before, and now since I can drive, I have full faith in me.”

Christina Howell, occupational therapist and driving instructor, said many young adults see great success with the program.

“We get a lot of young adults in here, around age 15 and a half,” Howell said. “We have a whole evaluation we go through to make sure someone is ready to drive, but before you can go out in the car, you do have to have your permit.”

The program is available for anyone with a disability who might need it. Instructors are able to take referrals to begin the process of getting you on the road.

More information about the driver rehabilitation program can be found here.