KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – After hearing a Cincinnati man was scammed out of tickets to the Bengals vs. Bills game, a couple in Kettering stepped in to help him get to the game.

Andrew Pettit from Cincinnati budgeted to buy tickets to Monday night’s Bengals game. He found a seller on Facebook, paid $260 for the tickets, but that transaction turned out to be a scam.

“It was just heartbreaking knowing that I wouldn’t be able to go,” Pettit said.

Pettit said he set out this football season with a goal.

“I was trying to make every night game happen this season, so a Sunday night, a Thursday night and a Monday night,” Pettit said.

Pettit’s dreams of making it to a Monday night game were crushed when the tickets he thought he was buying for himself and a friend turned out to be a scam. Upset by the loss, he decided to spread the word about what he went through.

“If I could just help someone not go through what I did, that is my main goal,” Pettit said.

A Cincinnati business owner heard his story and offered a spare ticket to Pettit.

Then Pettit’s story made it onto 2 NEWS Today and caught the attention of a couple who lives in Kettering.

“My husband actually mentioned that he heard about the story and this poor kid had gotten scammed out of his tickets and he paid good money for these tickets,” said Mary Sanders, who lives in Kettering.

Mary Sanders said she’s a lifelong Bengals fan. She and her husband, Lee, bought their tickets in June to see the Kettering Police Honor Guard present the colors at the game. After learning that was no longer happening, the Sanders were on the fence about going.

They had a discussion over lunch Monday afternoon and decided that they would give the tickets to Pettit.

“It just kind of broke my heart that he lost all that money, so I was very happy to give him the tickets,” Sanders said.

Now with three tickets in hand, Andrew and two of his friends got to go to the game.

“It goes to show there are still good people out in the world that can do great deeds,” Pettit said. “I’m very thankful for Jay and Mary that they kind of stepped up to the plate.”

Sanders said that’s what being a Bengals fan is all about.

“It’s a community, it’s a great community,” Sanders said.

Pettit said he hopes his story can prevent other fans from falling victim to scams. Experts suggest only buying tickets from the venue, people you know, or reputable websites.