DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Richmond and Wayne County (Ind.) community first came together in support of fallen Officer Seara Burton the evening of the traffic stop in Richmond on Aug. 10, 2022.

Recently, the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce came together and posthumously awarded Burton with the “Emergency Professional of the Year” award. Along with the award, the chamber released just over a 10 minute video tribute in honor of the fallen Richmond K-9 officer.

In the video, pictures from Seara’s childhood to more recent pictures are shown. Different Richmond officers also speak about Burton in the video, plus community engagement is shown, among other various pieces of footage in support of Burton.

The award by the chamber is not the only way the community is still honoring the fallen officer.

In January, Indiana State Representative Brad Barrett introduced a resolution to the Indiana House Committee. The Indiana House Committee passed the resolution, where it is next to be heard in the Indiana Senate. If passed, the resolution would rename the bridge at US-27 at I-70 in Richmond.

Officer Burton was shot in the line of duty during a traffic stop in August 2022, where she later died from her injuries in September 2022.