DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A judge has denied an appeal from the friend of Oregon District mass shooter Connor Betts to be released from jail while he awaits trial.

Ethan Kollie filed a motion on Aug. 23 to be released from jail, which was denied last month. Kollie then filed an appeal, which the court is considering as a “Motion to Revoke or Amend Original Detention Order.”

In denying the appeal, court records cited the allegations against Kollie combined with his possession of firearms and admitted drug use as reasoning why his appeal was denied. Alternatives to detention do not “adequately address and mitigate said danger,” court documents say.

Kollie is accused of lying on a form to purchase guns. Kollie allegedly bought the body armor and some accessories that Betts used in the Aug. 4 attack that killed nine people and injured 27 others. There is no evidence that shows Kollie knew of the attack before it happened.

The charges that Kollie face are unrelated to the Oregon District mass shooting.