DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Passover holiday began Wednesday at sundown, which is the holiday that celebrates Jewish people becoming free from slavery in Egypt.

Many Jewish people celebrate Passover with seder, a meal conducted every year around this time to retell the story of the Exodus.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton says celebrations of Passover have evolved over time, including adding an orange to the seder plate. It’s a symbol of inclusivity for the Jewish community, according to Cathy Gardner, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton.

“It’s a symbol that the celebration and the idea that our community needs to be inclusive,” Gardner said. “Inclusive of women, inclusive of all kinds of diversity. So, the orange on a seder plate is something new to recognize the evolution of diversity.”

The modern-day focus for Passover is freedom, specifically freedom for people all over the world and freedom from hunger.