DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Springfield man accused of violently attacking a security guard in downtown Dayton will be examined to determine mental competency after a judge’s ruling Monday.

James Fickling faces 12 counts in relation to an attack that left a security guard blind. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity during an earlier court appearance on Nov. 1.

Judge E. Gerald Parker Jr. ordered that the Forensic Psychiatry Center for Western Ohio examine Fickling to determine his competency to stand trial.

The report is due Dec. 28.

If the examiner rules Fickling incompetent for trial at the time, “an opinion should be given as to the likelihood of the Defendant becoming competent to stand trial within one (1) year and if the Defendant is mentally ill or mentally retarded.”

After allegedly gouging the eyes of the 66-year-old security guard on Oct. 21, Fickling reportedly then attacked the responding firefighters, injuring several. Fickling was reportedly high on heroin and fentanyl during the attack.